Sogol and David – German-Persian Dream Wedding


Love does know it’s ways and in this case the way passed a brides sister who united two loving souls forever. Just like Sogols sister did when David asked her out.

She just set him up with her sister instead. Afraid of not being accepted by Sogols Persian family David masqueraded himself as Persian, too. Later he admitted being only half Persian and in the end it was just his grandfather whose forefathers were Persian. But in the meantime he had become part of Sogol’s family – no matter if he was Persian or not.

Recently the bridal couple found a happy end within a German-Persian wedding ceremony with a rustic-elegant atmosphere. She wore a dreamlike mermaid cut bridal dress while he wore a classy dark wedding suit. Pure elegance and romance joint to guide this couple unforgettably and fairytale-like into the marriage.

And that’s what photographer Katja Hoppe by Pretty Moments captured artfully on magical pictures for us.

So let’s dream of this one true love together and see how magical love can be once it outgrows different cultures. Yes, you only can see well with your heart…

Translation:  Marina Jenewein




sogol + david | weddingfilm from danny schaefer on Vimeo.