A Picnic For Love


Hand in hand two smitten hearts stroll Vienna´s historic Volksgarden looking for the perfect place. Sheltered from the wind, solitary and comfortable should it be, for precious moments of luck.

An old shade-giving tree gets chosen to cuddle and feast underneath. The couple thought of everything a romantic picnic needs: a blanket to get cozy, champagne to prickle and an extra portion of love for sweet kisses for dessert…

They even brought a photographer with them to capture their valuable moments of togetherness.

Melanie Nedelko is the unique artist behind the camera who eternalized this couple´s boundless love in her incomparably authentic way.

Now dive with us into the wonderful world of pictures by Melanie Nedelko who shows us how easy it can be finding time and space even for a big city love…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein