The Cliffs Of Moher – Growing Love


Swooshing turquoise-colored water reaches the coast. The cliff´s willpower is shown in every single wave smashing it. The surface of the huge rocks is overgrown with lushly green moss. The Cliffs of Moher are the best-known bold cliffs of Ireland.

A young and newly engaged couple strolls across the fields among this terrific scenery. They are wearing coats and pullovers in typical autumnal colors: dark yellow and green combined with subtle blue. Stormy wind forces them to hold each other tightly. The more the wind blows the more their love seems to grow.

The wind ruffles her curly red hair. Sitting on the grass the couple watches a little grey castle on the other side. The sky above their heads is cloudy, yet sometimes little rays of sunlight dare to come through. Marriage is like the Irish weather: there are ups and downs, rain and sunshine – and nobody can foresee them.

In the distance stands a lonely boulder. It is able to halt the foamy water. She cuddles up to him, he keeps her warm in his arms. The higher the waves get, the firmer the Cliffs of Moher anchor in the ocean. Like ebb and flood the water keeps returning to the coast like it doesn´t want to consider itself satisfied being rejected over and over again. Slightly her hair touches his nose. The sun comes out. Mighty are the sings of love…

With her fascinating world of pictures the talented photographer Sara Donaldson takes us onto a magical journey of love into the mystic Ireland.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Sara Donaldson
LOCATION: Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
MODELS: Hannah von Distinct Modeling Management + Andrew
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab