Romantic, crazy,… different!


From the very beginning this wedding video tied us up and took our breath away!

A loving couple, perfectly happy guests, a lot of emotions and wonderfully crazy ideas are what we saw in this great video by Sascha Lautersack of Loud Cinematography.

Tina – the princess of cakes (she has a huge talent in baking and decorating cakes) and her Tino wanted the biggest day in their lives to be extra special. And that´s what it was.

To give the most beautiful promises to each other the happy couple chose a one of a kind location: the Hunting- and Fishing museum in Munich where not only families and friends but also some deer listened carefully to their vows. At this point we all realized that this wedding was different, some kind of crazy if you will – and that´s exactly how Tina and Tino wanted this day to be.

The corks popped when the newlyweds came up the stairs and made this moment unforgettable.

These pictures are showing us a wonderful winter-wedding that warms up our hearts like it was a shiny summer´s day. The bride is bewitching her groom as much as us and the guests with her dreamlike dress and a tender veil. The tiara on her head and the frail necklace are almost as beautiful as the smile on her face.

Natural, real and crazy are the three words that characterize this dream of a wedding the best and that´s how the party at the Hotel La Maison in Munich continued. But a quick stop at the McDonalds restaurant on the way to the hotel was essential for the couple.

The Burlesque Show at midnight was the night´s highlight… and who else can say that one of their wedding guests was a cute blue bunny?!

We say thank´s to Sascha Lautersack of Loud Cinematography for this video that shows perfectly how wonderful being different can be.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




Die Gäste konnten ihre Ausgelassenheit beim Photobooth ausleben, was sichtlich viel Spaß gemacht hat und auch uns einen breiten Grinser ins Gesicht zaubert.


VIDEOPGRAPHIE: Loud Cinemtatography
LOCATION TRAUUNG: Jagd- und Fischereimuseum in München
LOCATION FEIER: Hotel La Maison München
BRAUTKLEID: Novia d’Art von Mitgift München
STYLING: Felicitas Brunner