Alina And Richard´s Romantic Garden Wedding


A trimmed lawn, a well maintained park and radiant sunshine that falls through the shade-giving trees welcome us to Alina and Richard´s romantic garden wedding.

The groom in a blue suit nervously awaits the arrival of his bride who´s coming to the wedding in the sidecar of a bicycle. Her entry is both modern and traditional, as she strides the last few meters on her father’s arm.  

In front of the altar under the open sky they exchange vows and rings, surrounded by their deeply moved crowd of guests. Big emotions and unadulterated summer mood are the best ingredients for an unforgettable wedding party…

The location itself, the Steigenberger Parkhotel Braunschweig, surely made a huge impression on the guests, when they followed the invitation of Alina and Richard last August to attend this magical summer wedding.  

Countless loving details, like the wonderful floral arrangements of Die Blumenbinderei Probst or the creative buffet with delicious treats, caused enthusiasm among those present.  

But especially Alina´s wedding dress from Pronovias certainly made some women’s hearts beat faster and left some guests speechless.  

Wedding photographer Dzenita from Miss I DO Wedding Photography was allowed to experience the beginning of Alina and Richard´s journey first hand and ended this wonderful day with eternalized love…



FOTOS: Miss I DO Wedding Photography
BLUMEN: Die Blumenbinderei Probst
EINLADUNGEN: Die Kartenmacherei
TORTE: Konditorei Haertle aus Braunschweig
LOCATION: Bürgerpark & Steigenberger Parkhotel (Braunschweig)