Rustic Country Wedding


Join us on a trip to the Alps, where Manuela and Martin of FORMA photography was allowed to accompany Daniela and Daniel´s rustic country wedding.  

Just like their names already suggest, this pair is meant for each other. And that´s what they sealed last summer with a two-day wedding party surrounded by their closest friends and families.  

Beautiful costumes, traditional alphorns, a rural celebration location and their love for details shaped the couple´s emotional wedding, while Daniela and Daniel added some modernity and elegance to it.  

„The first day was all about the civil wedding.“ Manuela and Martin of Forma Photography told us. „Therefore, the couple brought their own registrar whose emotional ceremony included a touching speech. Additionally, Daniela’s maid of honor Julia, who´s also a professional wedding singer, caused also some tears of joy.“

Since Daniela and Daniel restaurateurs themselves they understandably attached great importance to culinary delights for their wedding which the beautiful Wiesergut and the enchanting Wieseralm took perfectly care of.

While the two got married on day one in their traditional costumes, Daniela enchanted her groom and guests with a plain yet dreamlike Pronovias dress the next day.

„The second day was dedicated to the church wedding.” the photographers of Forma Photography continue. “That´s where all their guests came together again for another moving ceremony in a beautiful setting. Followed by a boisterous celebration, sensational food and a celebration that continued until the early morning hours.“

We see a gorgeous and inseparable seeming bridal couple celebrating one of their happiest days in life. Thanks to the wonderful photos of FORMA photography, we may now be part of their luck.




LOCATION: Wiesergut
FLORISTIK: Schwaighofer – Die Gärtnerei in Saalfelden
DIRNDL: Tostmann Trachten
HARE UND MAKE-UP: Resort of Desire by Brittney Robinson
ANZUG: Tziacco (Wilvorst)
BAND: Funky Pete’s









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