Sarah & David –  Viennese After Wedding Inspirations


Art nouveau´s slender elegance and a young love´s tender romance always have been a great match. Especially when delicate fabrics of a bridal gown dance with the wind, snuggling into Vienna´s architecture and veiling the city with melancholic sensuousness.

Sarah and David couldn´t imagine a better place for their after wedding shooting with the photographers Thomas and Jana of Schwede Photodesign than Austria´s capital city.

Along Vienna´s streets past historic buildings that have seen several lovers come and go in the past centuries the two captured their unique love on wonderfully expressive pictures.

They started way over the city´s roofs at an old Viennese hotel with lordly attitude and a romantic roof deck where they looked over copper and terracotta colored pediments into their mutual future as husband and wife.

On a little table for two with tiny, lilac delicacies and filigree flower arrangements they debauched in time of togetherness at breakfast. Right before they headed into the city.

Sarah wore a loosely falling bridal gown with short, transparent sleeves. Look how gorgeous the peach colored waistband flatters her hips creating such a feminine silhouette! Her filigree bridal jewelry in rose gold, her bright red hair and the pink statement lipstick gave colorful intensity to the wedding theme. Why not? It also flatters Vienna´s white-grey architecture…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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Vienna Love from StephanWolf on Vimeo.


FOTOGRAFIE: Thomas & Jana – Schwede Photodesign
VIDEOGRAFIE: Stephan Wolf Films
LOCATION: Hotel Kärntnerhof Wien
BRAUTMODE: Calesco Couture
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Paulina Moldovan
FLORISTIK: Saltoflorale
TORTE: Rori’s
CUPCAKES: Cupcakes Wien
SCHMUCK: Sandra Coym-Atelier für Einzelstücke
FLIEGE: D’Papillon
HOSENTRÄGER: Karlinger Gürtel & Hosenträger