When Melanie Nedelko from Wiener Wohnsinn recently recreated her corridor and put the focus on a picture named „Svende” by Billy & Hells I was fascinated right away by this expressive portrait.

Billy & Hells stands for the two artists Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger who live in Berlin.

It´s said, that the name was derived from the word „Billighotels” and this attitude to life also reflects in their pictures.

With their concept of photographic work and seeing things in life from a different, weird, remote perspective, with a little bit of dingy drabness and a subtle sense of humor they are internationally successful.

Their pictures simply put a spell on me – you can feel how much they love and enjoy what they do.

Melanie bought her picture at Lumas and placed it above a modern beige-colored sideboard from the current Ikea Stockholm collection.

Afterwards she colored the wall with a perfectly matching „warmwhite” and added stylish decoration items like a table lamp, a three pieces set of vases and a little candle house.

Furthermore she hung up a lampshade made of folded paper designed by Broste Copenhagen. The lamp rounded the overall picture off perfectly.
At least Melanie got a new carpet at nicestuff which spreads a cozy atmosphere.

Melanies coridor looks so much lighter and friendlier now and she is more than happy with the new style.

Her blog „Wiener Wohnsinn” is an absolute eye candy and a wonderful source of inspirations. I love to browse there to get suggestions for rearranging my own apartment.

Besides Melanie is a very talented photographer, too. Visit her website here and enjoy the great pictures she provided us today and many, many more.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOS: Melanie Nedelko vom Wiener Wohnsinn
BILD: Billy & Hells, gekauft bei Lumas
SIDEBOARD: Stockholm Kollektion | Ikea
TEPPICH: nicestuff