SIBO Designs 2018 Collection “Initium Novum”


The new SIBO Designs 2018 collection is called “Initium Novum” which in Latin means “new beginning”.  New beginnings can be very important in our lives, as is the start of a marriage.

The designer Sheila Bobeldijk told: To me every collection I create feels like a new beginning, a new way to look at your designs, and a new way you are able to express yourself. It is also a way to inspire people around you, and to show them that it is very important to chase your dreams, and work hard to find a way to make them a reality.“

This collection symbolizes the more traditional style of a wedding. The gowns and veils are made with rich laces and soft tulles. The headpieces are all painted by hand, wired and adorned to create their unique shapes.

Even tough the headpieces, veils and gowns are designed with traditions in mind, they work in every bridal style, whether you are more of a bohemian free spirited type bride, or a more traditional glamorous bride, each design brings it’s own little unique elegance to the brides style.

The SIBO Designs “Initium Novum” collection is made to inspire, and be a classic heirloom for generations to come.

We are totally smitten with the talent and aesthetics which designer Sheila Bobeldijk proofs impressively by designing her gowns as well as by capturing them on these wonderful pictures for us.





PHOTOGRAPHY: Sheila Bobeldijk
MAKE-UP & HAIR: Marianne Roza with The Beautiful Bride Company
SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
LOCATION: Studio Sarphaat
MODEL: Melanie Makay  via Citizen Agency