Sinja and Hans – moody After Wedding Shoot


Eternalizing love for one more time. But this time focusing on the essentials – the heart. Offside the wedding excitement among each other in a place rich in contrast to highlight loveliness.

Rough nature. There´s no better place to showcase sweet romance and natural country Boheme like this. With love in the center at any time.

This is how photographer Rebecca Konrad visualizes the marriage of Sonja and Hans who relived their special day one more time at their after wedding shoot.

Together they strolled through the silence of the forest. The lover´s foot steps are all we hear, talking about a romantic walk among the outdoors. It´s the solitude that becomes unforgettably beautiful when you´re a pair.

Even in a melancholic moment under heavy grey clouds. This is where they both appreciate romantic hours before the rain washes away their cheerful joy. It´s time to go, always towards future. Towards home. Hand in hand, for ever.


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© Rebecca Konrad