Heki and Albert – Sky Blue BOHO Dream


Radiant, beautiful and photogenic the bride appears on the arm of her father.

Good looking, smart and fashionable her groom awaits her longingly.

A bridal couple like any other? Far wrong! Bride Heki wears white only in her hair and in her hands, her lace dress sets the tone for this day. Sky blue like her eyes it´s the role model for countless details of this wedding.

Everyone can see this couple is used to stand in front of a camera. They met on a movie set some years ago and also did a romantic love shooting together. It was their “wedding on trial” if you will because this was where they met photographer  Caterina Hoffmann as well as wedding designer Mademoiselle Fée who they now engaged for their real boho wedding in Rust.

It´s hard to believe what Stefanie of Mademoiselle Fée organized and planned in only eight weeks of preparation time: a refreshingly light, sky blue bohemian dream where all the details meshed together like cogs and harmonized perfectly. Too bad if this wedding never would have taken place!

„Heki´s calendar was bursting from professional reasons so I couldn´t realize any of my ideas to propose to her. After two weeks I was frustrated and thought of putting the ring into the cheese of a pizza, serving it to her in my pyjamas on the couch on a Sunday night. In the end I gave her the ring after I played/sang a song to her which I was working on for six months – but indeed on the couch and in my pyjamas.” the overjoyed groom told us how everything worked out fine in the end.

Stylish and authentic as usual  Caterina Hoffmann Photography captured this special day with all its facets on camera and opens now her gallery of pictures to us!

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Caterina Hoffmann Photography
EVENT DESIGN: Mademoiselle Fée
LOCATION: Himmelblau Rust
BRAUTKLEID: Valentin-s – Niki Lackner
HAARE + MAKEUP: Barbara Maria Make up Artist
SWEET TABLE: Schnabulerie
FLORISTIK: Eva Steiger



madfee-klein schnabulerie-klein






     Mademoiselle Fée                      Schnabulerie