Soeur Coeur BRIDAL Collection “Meet Me In Paris” 


A dance on the roofs of the city. A look at the pulsating lives that awake in this very moment beneath them – the new
Soeur Coeur Collection, “Meet me in Paris” makes dreams come true.

Like the dreams of true love, the perfect bridal gown, an individual bridal style or an unforgettable day in Paris.

The latter of which is the dream of the designers Janina Selbach and Bianca Krämer who wish to go there since the establishment of their label 7 years ago. For the hard work in the past few years and the successful collection for the next season, the sisters finally rewarded themselves with a trip to the fashion capital.

Not just for fun, of course. The two successful entrepreneurs took advantage of the fantastic scenery, the incomparable flair and the unmistakable charm of the city to stage their latest creations.

With them, photographer Nancy Ebert was drifting through the streets to push the button of her camera just at the right time to capture Soeur Coeur´s bridal dresses from their most beautiful side.

Their way led way up to the roofs, where they experienced the most emotional moments of the journey: “Above the rooftops seeing the sun rise over Paris was a magical moment. The beguiling light, the colors of the city and our wedding dresses – all hat really overwhelmed us! ” Janina and Bianca rave about this trip.

But still they focused on the essential: their designs. Simple dresses with refined details such as deep cuttings, seductive rear views, playful lace and flowing fabrics wrap each bride around their finger.

Now let us all get enchanted as open ourselves to the fantastic pictures shot by Nancy Ebert, who gives us the feeling we woke up this morning in Paris between all these exciting bridal gowns by Soeur Coeur

Translation: Marina Jenewein



HAARE & MAKE-UP: Franziska Sonnabend