A Bride´s Beautiful Spirit


Delicate, pale and breakable a bride strolls aimlessly around. Along historic hallways and across lush meadows, without leaving any marks. At the pond she pauses to drown in the reflection of her idle glance. Though the water reflects nothing that doesn´t exist.

We´re following the spirit of a young woman. A woman who once had to choose between a life without love or love without life. She decided upon love and against life, since then she strikes out on her own…

„It looked like a story from the old times for me when a young daughter of the castle owner decided to die not to marry a man she did not love.“ photographer Olga Siyanko told us. „And her ghost is still wandering in the university garden of Barcelona, cold and beautiful, filling the hearts of the students with fear.“

We would have granted this beautiful bride to fill her life with love so that one day she´d let her own children make their decisions of life…

Now let the pictures shot by photographer Olga Siyanko take you to a place between heaven and earth or a world between reality and mysticism! 

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



DRESS: Voronovadress
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Hairlookstyle
ACCESSOIRES: NCh Wedding Jewelry