A Walk In The Clouds


Behind every cloud waits this bright sunlight. In the next moment the bride gets carried away by the wind. Welcome to Cape Town.

The weather wildly foams up; it wants to interfere in this event. The sandy coast is wide and decent. Wearing a light pink colored dress the bride appears like a Roman goddess. Her soft skin catches all the warm colors that heaven can´t emit.

In the sand stands a little wooden table where dinner will take place. Glasses, plates and light green bottles in different sizes were draped lovingly. Colorful flowers set new accents and loosen the turquoise colored arrangement.

There will be a picnic in the fine sand. Soft and big cushions are waiting. In the background: the endless ocean.

A blue veil guards the scene and shelter from the rain. The invitations are adorned with curved lines. They imitate the writing on the cake – which is waiting to be enjoyed.

While the bride strolls barefooted along the shore – her braided hair pinned up – waves wash around her dress and feet. She stops, pauses in front of a green hill. Her back is exposed.

A little pearl necklace, hardly visible, portrays her backbone. It is the spine of lovers.

These breathtaking pictures shot by the exceptional artist Manuela Kalupar fascinate the observer and take us into a dreamy world of inspirations.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Manuela Kalupar
STYLIST: Anneke Roux
KLEID: Janita Toerien
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Ida Webster
FLORIST: Heike le Cordeur
PAPETERIE: Susan Brand Design
TORTE: Edible Art Cakes
MODEL: Nicola du Plessis von Ice Models



    Manuela Kalupar