Adorable Wedding inspirations


Smitten looks dart across the garden, caught by sparkling eyes. Her curly hair tickles softly his cheek, while he whispers oaths of love into her ear. Almost imperceptibly their hands meet, almost accidentally their lips kiss.

Love fills the air, melts with the flair of bygone days. This estate appears noble, elegant and full of charm, tree-lined and filled with warm sunlight.

With their grace, style and class the couple grants the castle its glance. Visit every corner of its masonry, every corner of the garden to not leave a single stone or blossom lusterless behind.

Photographer Katie Grant shares unbelievably aesthetic and perfect in form pictures with us.

From a breathtaking estate to this proper in style vintage car, from a one-of-a-kind gown to an equally sparkling cake and marvelous flowers – every detail speaks one language and pierce us right to our vintage-loving hearts.

Let´s peer into the alluring world of a bygone era that seems to be within our reach on the wonderful pictures shot by Katie Grant

Translation: Marina Jenewein



VENUE: UWA Sunken Garden
GOWN: Gwendolynne
HAIR: Kayla Marshall
MAKE-UP: Kristy Ellen Creative
VINTAGE CAR: SoCal Limos Perth
FLORALS: Ivy Flowers
CAKE: DeLaRosa Cakes
RIBBON: Adorn Company