Baby´s Breath

Through sparse treetops the sun hits the ground. Breakable appearing wind chimes catch every ray of sunlight to shine brighter and brighter.

Baby´s breath in all its glory sets a statement. As opulent bouquet on the bride´s arm, smaller amounts draped in little vases or single branchlets attending beautiful stationery – even as impressive wreath on the bride´s head – finally baby´s breath gets the attention it deserves!

But no matter how hard everyone tries – in the end a dress steals the show. A bridal dress made of lace, graceful, delicate and filigree. Little sleeves cover her shoulders, a gracile cleavage doesn´t reveal too much. Floor-length and flawlessly white it turns every bride into a queen.

The incomparable photographer Angelika Krinke succeeded in presenting this breathtaking dress designed by the German bridal fashion label Victoria Rüsche in an exceptional way. It took her only a few steps to create an unadorned world to draw most attention to this extravagantly designed dress.

Now get ready to see interesting pictures, a stunning dress and lots of baby´s breath!

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Angelika Krinke
KLEID: Katya Katya Shehurina von Victoria Rüsche
MODEL: Michelle Ramone




     Angelika Krinke                    Victoria Rüsche