Bella Toscana


She parades along a path partly covered with leaves and moss. She hides her dark hair under a long white veil; her dress is embroidered with little flowers.

In her hands she holds a bouquet in beautiful shades of red contrasting the bushes that characterize this region. We lost our heart to the hilly landscape, cypresses and olive trees and their leaves that are softly blowing in the wind.

Before the bride reaches the place of her wedding she has to go through a column. Fiery dragons with huge wings delight in her sight and welcome her from tall gates. Gothic sounds are present in every corner of the building; the arcs are from the Renaissance. Today’s Italy is a mixture of wonderful feelings.

The groom awaits her in a shining, dark blue suit. The couple invited to this day with exceptional calligraphy. Also their wedding vows are written in this playful writing that enables to revel in the past. Yet all signs are pointing to the future – they use only fading architectural tools.

Two embroidered cushioned chairs are waiting in an alley under palms. A cheese cake and regional wine are ready to be served. Down in the valleys one sees typical houses with light red roof tiles and green window shutters. Sculptures of gods watch over this building.

They sit next to the stairway which is arranged like recurring triangles. The bridal couple stands in front of it, soon they will kiss. Will the gods beside them be with them.

With this beautiful and touching world of pictures Maria Lamb proofs her remarkable talent and catapults us into seventh heaven.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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EVENT DESIGN: Jade Rose and Maria Lamb
EVENTPLANNER: Weddings In Tuscany
FLORISTIK: Fiorista Fiordaliso
CAKE: Salvia E Ramerino
LOCATION: Giardino Garzoni
CATERING: Weddings In Tuscany
GROOM ATTIRE: Gabriella Sposa
MAKE-UP AND HAIR: Valerie Cecchini
RENTAL: Ristorante Villa Garzoni