Colorful Kermess-Love


Impatiently multicolored lights blink, music blasts out of the speakers. A rollercoaster speeds like adrenaline through our veins, the swing carousel whirls like it was dancing. Yet the giant wheel is the only one to see them, metres high it overlooks everything. The couple arrived, let the party begin!

His leather pants fit perfectly, his shirt is ironed well. Yet he is unable to hold a candle to his bride, she´s too beautiful today. The dirndl fits like way, shines brightly like her eyes.

Strolling hand in hand across the Bavarian kermess, win a price for his sweetheart at the shooting gallery, snacking on cotton candy and gingerbread hearts, exchanging sweet kisses and smitten looks – is there anything more lovely? No!

That´s what decorator Heidi from Heidi liebt Peter and the photographers from OctaviaplusKlaus thought and took the opportunity to shoot a wonderfully colorful and refreshingly young garbs-shooting.

Until late at night they switched outfits and locations to create a huge variety of inspirations.

The result: authentic, down-to-earth and modern moments skillfully caught on camera by OctaviaplusKlaus whose pictures we don´t want to hold back any longer…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: OctaviaplusKlaus
KONZEPT UND DEKOIDEEN: Heidi von Heidi liebt Peter
KLEID: Dirndl Liebe
HEMD: GaudiHerz
SCHMUCK: Sophia Singer
BLUMEN: Petra Müller Blumen
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Claudia Gruber
TORTE UND SÜSSES: Little Cake World
MODELS: S-Models