Colors of the Desert


Restless dunes move on, bowing to the wind from the coast. In the setting sun nature plays a symphony of colors, hard to beat for drama and art.

Unique as a desert´s sundown the bride appears like a Fata Morgana as a proof of life among merciless drought. She unites the tender colors of silent music…

Namibia´s barren desert recently became backdrop to a detailed piece of art, which blended seamlessly into the fascinating landscape of sand and horizon. Playing with a color palette from pure white and delicate beige to bright orange and from subtle quartz and lush pink to elegant lilac and royal blue.

Highlights of this exceptional bridal inspirations: a gorgeous flower crown for the bride by  Month Of Marmalade and a cake in proper style by Sindens Wedding Cakes. Every detail was a masterpiece of perfection, equally captured on camera by photographer Hanri Human Photography.

Join us now as we lay back and get carried away to the south of Africa by Hanri Human Photography and her team…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Hanri Human Photography
CAKE: Sinden’s Wedding Cakes
FLOWER CROWN: Month of Marmalade