Cuddly Yet Elegant Wedding Inspirations


The sound of high-heels on thinn parquet floor is echoing across the rooms. The bride is looking at herself in a huge mirror that´s hanging on the wall. She puts her veil into the right position while we are allowed to marvel at her beautiful back cleavage.

Created by the designer Rebekah Carey McNall from A & B Creative this scenery is classy but playful.

A fire place made of bright stones is tendriled by light white and green bushes. Chandeliers are hanging from the tall ceiling, the room is wallpapered with powerful and tasteful colors – a couch covered with velvet invites us to rest. A Labrador puppy scampers through the scenery and wants to cuddle: excited about the things he is about to see.

The bride is smiling full of expectation, her lips are discreetly red. On top of her classy wedding dress she´s wearing a shoulder cover-up embroidered with little flowers. You have to look very precisely to see that there were real flowers sewed into the veil as beautifully natural element.

All shades of red, from dark red to light pink are mirrored in the wedding table.

The plates are peppered with filigree, blue and golden elements. Noble golden cutlery is waiting for the meal to begin. Finally the moment has come. The ceremony starts.

Embraced and fascinated by the breathtaking beauty and creativity of this adorable world of inspirations we dive into this impressive dream of pictures shot by the picture artist Amanda K Photography.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Amanda K Photography
VENUE: Bellevue Club
FLORALS: Twigss Floral Design
GOWN: Sarah Seven
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Katie Nash Beauty
PAPER SUITE: Little Miss Press
MODEL: Angry Williams
FILM SCAN: Photovision