Dreamlike Mountainwedding


Tall fir trees, river water that squeezes itself through stones full of moss – many bridal couples that drift with the unconventional dream of an unforgettable wedding on a mountain.

Among a wide meadow, between wild flowers wetted with fresh dew our couple stands and cuddles closely. A wildly romantic river with huge rocks surrounded by the wonderful greenery of a close forest obviously is the perfect place for some dearly moments.

The bride wears a golden bracelet around her forehead, her groom tapped a little needle with wild berries to his plain suit. Her bridal bouquet appears opulently combining the most beautiful flowers of nature.

In the distance one sees an abandoned forester´s house: lonely some Manchurian firs grow from the ground and are excited about the love that is about to visit them today.

These pictures full of atmosphere shot by Julia & Gil let the time stand still for a moment and our hearts skip a beat.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Julia & Gil Photography
ORGANISATION UND AUSSTATTUNG: Kunst & Kostbar, Quedlinburg
FLORISTIK: Saxonia Quedlinburg