EnchantED French Chic

Silently she strolls around, fills cold rooms with life. Thick walls seem to be no obstacle for her, tender and feathery she conquers every single one of them. For a second you think of a ghost, but in the warm light of candles you see her passion inflame.

A bouquet hard to beat in opulence is totally able to hold a candle to her. Her beauty lightens even the darkest corner; her dress looks graceful and elegant.

Patiently the bride waits for her date to nibble from nuts and exquisite cheese on a table for two. Wrapped in sheepskin and hugged by love walls will soon be adorned with warmth.

Photographer Ingrid Lepan and event stylist Morgane from Big Day Event & Wedding created some especially fascinating impressions and breathed life into long-cherished visions. Clean and with muted colors they aroused a compelling wedding world full of passion and love for details.

“I loved how our two ideas were well matching together,” Morgane told.

„This embroidered dress looked so fantastic, like an eternal dress. When designing this editorial, I felt captivated by “Moulin de la Récense” which is a fabulous and known venue near “Aix en Provence”.

These stones were truly inspiring me. It was like I had something new to tell about it. I did it in a purer way, telling a story between life and eternity.

Lay back and get infected by the warm tingle caused by these wonderful pictures shot by the talented photographer Ingrid Lepan

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Ingrid Lepan Photographe
SCENOGRAPHY, FLOWERS & DECORATION: Morgane Big Day, assistant Jade
MAKE-UP:  Elodie Roumejon
PAPERS: Crème de papier
CALLIGRPAHY: Nora Nice Plume Calligraphie
DRESS: Jenny Packham, Daylove Wedding Store & Planner a big thanks to Ornella
SHOES: Jimmy Choo, Daylove Wedding Store & Planner
VENUE: Moulin de la Récense
MODEL: Marjorie, Wedding, Love & Friends