Like a bride for love the dry river bed waits for rain.

Like a bride for warmth those tall reeds wait for the sun.

Like a bride for comfort this abandoned place longs for life.

Stranded, lost and like the last one of her species the bride cannot accept her fate. Undespairingly and full of hope she wends her way to fulfill her longings. As endless the width, as countless the paths, as unfulfilled her hope.

On her daily way to work photographer Sona from Inspired By Love discovered this deserted yet magical place and realized it was waiting there for her to shoot her next editorial. It took her only ten days to design and organize a stunning concept an implemented it successfully.

Together with a model friend of hers, fresh and wildly appearing flowers by Biely Atelier and a handful of accessories by Ponk Rentals she created those dreamlike bridal inspirations with a languorous apocalyptic mood.

Photographer Sona from Inspired By Love created exciting contrasts that harmonized perfectly in the end. This is how her captivating and touching pictures originated which she now proudly presents to us.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Inspired By Love
FLORALS: Biely Atelier