Ice Blue Love


A languorous morning at the romantic castle Laudon on the outskirts of Vienna. White frost covered pale meadows over night, shrouding the morning in freezing cold and hiding the estate behind a bright veil of mist.

Nowhere else feels melancholy as merciless as here. On this special day, when this bridal couple decided to tie the knot. This is where ice blue and white meet and where light green succulents kiss the night awake. Suddenly restrained silver flashes here and there giving the adorable wedding concept its magical elegance.

A romantic fairy tale captured as adorable picture story by photographer  Barbara Wenz and Hermann Henzl. To dream beautiful – from true love to blue romance.

Delicate color shades of chilly ice blue also dress the bride: in her voluminous tulle skirt of transparent porcelain blue and the white silk top, both by Noni, she appears as elfish ballerina. Her bridal look is natural and fairytale-like feminine. Always on her side: her groom who braves the cool temperatures with his ice blue wedding suit.

While it’s cold outside the lordly room is filled with royal blue. The festally little wedding table: deep blue cloths meet white elements. Solely the light green flower garland of opulent foliage by  Blumenzimmer adorns the table giving this icy scenery natural warmth. Restrained and cool yet heartwarming elegance…



FOTOGRAFIE + ORGANISATION: Barbara Wenz und Hermann Henzl
DEKORATION + SWEET TABLE: Brigitte Katzer – deko-raum
TORTE + SÜSSES: Manuele Rieder – Süße Welt
FLORISTIK: Blumenzimmer
PAPETERIE: Wunschkonzert Design
MAKE-UP + HAARE: Linda Goldsteiner
ROCK + OBERTEIL: Noni bei Edelcorner
JACKE BRAUT: Artappeal bei Edelcorner
SCHMUCK: Nicole Inführ
MÖBEL: Mietmöbel Föhr
LOCATION: Schloss Laudon
FOTO-ASSISTENZ: Michael Seirer
MODELS: Melanie und Christopher