Island of Easiness


Still having sandy eyes the sun twinkles through the treetops, tickeling their leaves awake and making them shine brightly. Like every day life awakes to bloom within the dreamy light of an early morning.

Every breath fills the air with easiness, it smells blithe and free. Like little wind chimes tea lights are hanging in the trees, clinking silently in the wind.

The bride as incarnation of the BOHO chic embodies every single of its facets: naturally, blessed and carefree. Wearing her hair open and the make-up subtle and real. Is it her or the bright sunlight that lets everything shine?

This fantastic shoot wouldn´t be possible without amazing Cristina Di Giovanna, event stylist from Le Jour Du Oui and Danielle Hodgson-Lindley from Velvet Circus Ibiza, who styled and sourced all the props and deco.

Dreamy and feathery, with quiet colors skillfully accentuated and lovingly realized with the right details we find ourselves within the world of a boho bride to die for.

Come with us and get fascinated by the impressive pictures shot by the wonderful fine art photographer Ana Lui.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Ana Lui Photography
STYLING: Danielle from Velvet Circus Ibiza
FLORAL DESIGN: Flowers Ibiza
WEDDING DRESS: Alessia Baldi
STATIONERY: Cut & Paste Lab
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Diva Borrelli
VENUE: Private Villa
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab