Journey Into Love


Lost in enthusiastic thoughts of her lover the fancy bride rides across the forest. What will the future bring her?

Hugged by the silence of the nature, accompanied by her horses and a cute dog she enjoys the atmosphere among this untouched landscape.

A globe symbolizes her journey into the adventure of marriage and the many challenges that come with it.

With her romantic pictures photographer Sabrina Schindzielorz from nice4youreyes puts a happy smile on our faces…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE & KONZEPTPLANUNG: Sabrina Schindelorz – nice4youreyes
STYLING & KONZEPTPLANUNG: Hannah Maria Paffen – whiteblankpage
HAARE & MAKE-UP: Vera Waldow
RINGE: Christine Grigat und Maxi Bernhardt von der Goldschmied Goldhuhn
GLOBEN: Columbus Verlag