Spectacular Botanical Bridal Jewelry 


Tender and feathery buds cling to her finger while filigree leaves adorn her wrist.

Graceful little scions are hanging from ears behind her braided hair, standing back for the blossoms on her neck.

At the beach of Maryland everything from brides to robes to floral jewelry seemed to be all about pure beauty…

„This bridal shoot focused on the beautiful botanical jewelry by Francoise Weeks and some spectacular bouquets by  the creative florists of Succulents and Saffron.“ photographer Sarah Collier of Taken by Sarah Photography told us.

Innovative and on the pulse of time she decided to showcase this trend perfectly: „Botanical jewelry seems to be the next big thing, and it was wonderful to be able to use pieces from the world renowned master of botanical jewelry and woodland floral creations. It was a cold and misty day, which perfectly fit the typical winter atmosphere of the bay area of Maryland and created a romantic and cozy look.“ Sarah explained.

In collaboration with the amazing event designer of Claire Duran Weddings and Events she created a truly breathtaking scenery on a par with the brides, their dresses and most of all this exceptional kind of jewelry…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Taken by Sarah Photography
STYLING + DESIGN: Claire Duran Weddings and Events
FLORAL JEWELRY: Francoise Weeks
FLORAL BOUQUETS: Succulents and Saffron
GOWN DESIGNER: Ivy and Aster
MAKE-UP: Makeup by Kevan
HAIR: Jewel Hair Design
GIFT BASKET: Marigold and Grey
FLORAL CONFERENCE: Intrigued Experience
MODELS: Elena Bach, Anastasiia Putkova, Maura Deegan
FILM LAB: Pro Photo Irvine