Lakeside Dirndl-Bride


A sweet breakfast is served. What a romantic and lovely start into a day full of unique moments! Holding a cup of tea in her hand her eyes wander across the lake. Expectantly and joyfully she looks into her future.

Enviably calm she starts into her day. Seems to enjoy and experience every single second of it. Every brush stroke of her make-up, every strand of hair, every piece of cloth that touches her skin – she savors everything.

She´s getting ready slips into her valuable dress. A dirndl flawlessly white and beautiful like it was made for her slight figure. Gold adorns her waist, costly pearls her neck. A small bouquet of roses and the delicate veil are the icing on the cake of perfection.

With this shooting Manuela Tamas and photographer Katina Fridrik proofs impressively how elegant and modern a dirndl-bride can be.

Combined with a dreamlike and elegant countryside location on the Traunsee and playful decoration items she created adorable inspirations that she is now going to share with us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Katina Fridrik Fotografie
ORGANISATION: Manuela Tamas – Wunschkonzert – Papierträume werden wahr
VIDEO: Nena Diana
LOCATION: Schloss Freisitz Roith in Gmunden
BRAUTDIRNDL: Tian Van Tastique – Christian Ponath
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Dana Vuck und Claudia Weiß
BRAUTSTRAUSS UND ACCESSOIRES: My Bouquet – Julia Buschbacher
FLORISTIK: Immergrün – Karin Perndorfer
GESCHIRR: Die Kaffeeschwestern – Ursula Klingesberger und Brigitte Klingesberger
SCHMUCK: Fleur Bleue Design – Daniela M Weise
SÜSSES: Sweetarts by Grace – Grace Rechberger
KEKSE: Mein Keksdesign – Stephanie Juliette Rinner
RINGE: Fingerglück – Iris Merkle
GRAFIK / PAPETERIE: Manuela Tamas – Wunschkonzert – Papierträume werden wahr
PAPETERIE: Das Papierdirndl – Margot Brandl
TORTENETAGERE: Maggies Étagères
SCHUHE: Schuhnique – Monika Maier​r
RINGKISSEN: Lovebirds – Dagmar Sand
WEDDINGTREE: Jens Weddingstuff – Jennifer Heikel
KERZE: Acrylmalerei und Gipskunst – Sigrid Kiesenhofer
GASTGESCHENKE: Seifen und Geschenke Rita – Julia Hainzl
TASCHE: Franz-August – Eva Egger
ZIMMERBRUNNEN: Partylightberaterin Bettina Stechr
MODEL: Sandra Schiller – people2people




  Die Kaffeeschwestern