Majestic Wedding Inspirations


Awestrucked we enter the chateau, graciously ancestors let us pass. The swing door lies heavily in our hands, leading into a bygone era.

Timber floor boards moan under our feet, announce our arrival. A glamorous room welcomes us, elegant, bright and wide.

A white glass door catches our attention, fascinates us right away. Magically it attracts, makes us wanna take a closer look.

A majestic robe and priceless jewelry wait to grace a queen. Her view down the balcony tells us: time has come, everyone is waiting for her.

She enters the spacious garden and sees her lover. Holding his hands makes her eyes shine brighter than the sun,only he completes her.

Our eyes shine brightly, too, by looking at the stunning pictures shot by photographer Patrick Thomas of deineWeddingStory.

With the help of wedding designer Renata Thaller of Eure Hochzeitswerkstatt he created this fascinating impressions.

Lets get inspired!

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: deineWeddingStory by Patrick Thomas
ORGANISATION + DESIGN: Renate Thaller – Eure Hochzeitswerkstatt
LOCATION: Schloss Höfling
BRAUTKLEIDER: Melanie Korsche von Die Brautgalerie, Label: Ian Stuart
FLORISTIK: Florale Begegnung
SÜSSES: Cafe Klein