Southern passion flames in her eyes, German blood flows through her veins – two hearts are beating in her chest, one of them to the beat of German music, the other one to the sound of African drums.  

What unites the two hearts is the love for tradition. And the longing to combine foreign cultures. Especially today, on this very special day. It is Shirley ‘s bridal morning, when she desires nothing more than for the two souls that rest in her, to become one.

The cultures could not be more different that met at this grandiose fine art photography workshop by Souls & Seekers. Accordingly, exciting and extraordinary was the result that artists like Jasmine of Grace & Blush, who was involved in the design process, took home on such expressive pictures.

“Inspired by Shirley’s African roots and her connection to her home Franconia, and German traditions, we created this intercultural editorial shoot, which gently shows the moments of a morning as a bride, told in different scenes.” Jasmine raves about this amazing workshop.

Indeed, they demonstrated different scenes that show Shirley´s last hours before her wedding.  Jasmine told us: “On the ground, Shirley awakens as a a bride, kissed from a feather, and gently opens her eyes in the magic of light.”

Countless details reflected these two cultures that have been harmoniously united by selected elements. “The Bamberg croissants in the African wooden bowl are a symbiosis of African culture and German Pastry craftsmanship. They are a typical Bamberg traditional pastry from Shirley’s German Homeland. The African wooden bowl obviously connects these two cultures.”

From experience photographer Jasmine of Grace and Blush knows how difficult multicultural weddings can be to organize so that no origin comes too short. Her idea: “A wedding is a celebration where often two families from different countries come together to celebrate love, l think the best you can do is to include love in small personal details in the overall picture.”

We think that’s something she’s done very well in Shirley’s case. Let’s follow the fantastic pictures of Grace & Blush into a world somewhere between Germany and Africa…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




HEADPIECE: Adieu Mademoiselle
LOCATION: Wort & Klang Erlangen
PAPETERIE: Kuleschowa