Elfenkleid – Powerful Extravagance

  Clouds come up, a thunderstorm approaches. The air tingles explosively, the tension gets almost palpable.

A compelling atmosphere full of magic and dramaturgy spreads out, this usually lonely beach awaits something big.

The bridal couple appears and radiates with passion and bubbling energy. A powerful sea breeze accentuates this moment.

Also the bride´s dreamlike dress is wild, unpredictable and extravagant. Gets carried away with the wind to unfold its beauty, clings to her body to outline her silhouette.

This breathtaking dress with the illustrious name „Bloom“ comes from the new collection of the much sought-after bridal fashion label Elfenkleid. Finest fabrics were valuably processed to become an extraordinary and multifaceted dress for sophisticated brides.

Photographer Maria Luise Bauer seems to have the perfect intuition for special moments and succeeds in making them suitable for the observer. Her sense for the right light and the appropriate angle put Elfenkleid´s uniqueness in perspective and make her pictures unmistakable.

Translation: Marina Jenewein

    FOTOGRAFIE: Maria Luise Bauer Photography KLEIDER: Elfenkleid SCHMUCK: Michaela Römer MAKE-UP: Merle Andresen-Haak, Husum MODELS: Johann und Nina von Paragon Models Hamburg   EMPFOHLEN IN UNSEREM SCHATZKISTCHEN:

Maria Luise Bauer                            Michaela Römer