Natural and Organic Mountain Bridal Inspirations


Dreamily the bride plays with her hair while her eyes look far into the distance. Her thoughts wander, her sorrows get stuck in the mountains.

In collaboration with florist Nora of Flora by Nora photographer Emily Sacco made refreshingly light inspirations with a wonderful whiff of BoHo style alive.

Inspired by the impressive mountain landscape and the untouched nature around them they held it plain and simple at first to get colorful and opulent afterwards.

With a tender dress and the perfectly matching hat they created a timeless BoHo chic that also reflected within the
bride´s hair and makeup.

Her wildly looking and lavish bouquet was the successful connection between the easygoing bride and her richly decorated table.

For the table decoration the whole team placed importance on valuable fabrics, exceptional china and natural elements. A unique cake, precious jewelry and subtle stationery fit in seamlessly with the color concept of tones of blue and green.

We think photographer Emily Sacco created a masterpiece of bridal inspirations that you shouldn´t miss!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAHPY: : Emily Sacco Photography
FLOWERS: Flora by Nora
JEWELRY: Kristin Coffin
HAIR: Treehouse Hairspa
MAKE-UP: The Bridal Goddess
DRESS: Rebecca Schoneveld by  A & Be
PAPER:  Lana’s Shop
TABLESCAPE: World Market
LOCATION: Copper Mountain, Colorado