The Beautiful Swan


Imposingly the mansion protrudes from its property. Endless stone stairs, countless columns and graceful fountains adorn the spacious park.

Lushly green and lovingly groomed nature remains natural. Opulent, wild and omnipresent only trimmed to perfection by human hands.

Carefully the bride strides down the stairs, towards her sweetheart and their mutual future. Valuable and filigree seems the dress she wears, enjoying every step to the fullest.

Dinner is served on a table for two, in the middle of the park, surrounded by wealth in all its facets. Water, flowers, birds and sun – just like love there´s enough for everyone.

Masterfully florist Kelly Lenard added dazzlingly beautiful flower arrangements to this untouched and exclusive mansion that got our undivided attention as supporting actor of the bride.

Unchallenged highlight of the shoot: a tender Gossamer robe really unsurpassable in accuracy, elegance and perfection.

The team hand-picked and placed every detail and every finesse to create this magnificent inspiration.

Here we have the stunning result for you, captured by the incomparable photographer Sally Pinera.

Text: Marina Jenewein



FLORIST: Kelly Lenard
WEDDING DRESS: Gossamer Vintage
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Makeup By Kimaris
CALLIGRAPHY: Script Merchant
VENUE: The Swan House
RENTALS: 12th Table
SILK RIBBON: Frou Frou Chic
VINTAGE RING: Trumpet And Horn
WARDROBE + WARDROBE: Gossamer Vintage