Passionate Play Of Colors

Opulently most beautiful flowers sit enthroned on the table; bright, attractive and ambrosial. Sunny yellow meets bold orange, tender rose meets wild pink.

An explosion of colors and emotions covers the table; slender candles gutter excitedly in the wind.

Exquisite china, artfully ornamented and precious, adorns the table. Golden cutlery and elegant crystal glasses join in. Together they cater for Pump and Circumstance.

The table´s only rivalry is a dress. A bridal gown like we´ve never seen it before. A blaze of color intense and powerful coats the bride; expansively big and fascinatingly attractive. Indecisively our eyes wander back and forth…

For this photo-workshop of Caroline Tran event designer Sonia Sharma came up with something very special and created these colorful and thrilling inspirations.

She told: „Our goal was to create a table top design that was colorful and fun for 2015. We decided to use Revelry’s rose gold table with a custom white washed wooden top. The floral composition consisted of bright and vibrant roses, peonies and cape cod tulips. We wanted the table to be happy and bright with vintage elements but not go all the way rustic. This table is a happy marriage of new and old which makes it very appealing.”

The talented photographer Celine Chhuon witnessed the formation of this impressive world of colors designed by Sonia Sharma Events and captured it on camera.

Now come with us and discover more and more details within her amazing pictures…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Celine Chhuon Photography
VENUE : Caroline Tran’s workshop – Propel 2014
DESIGN + COORDINATION: Sonia Sharma Events
CAKE + DESSERTS: Cake Creamery
DRESS: R-Mine Bespoke
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Chiali Meng
FLORALS: Celio’s Designs
PRINTWORK: Andrew Ventura Designs
RENTALS: Revely Event Designers
LOCATION: Hancock Park Estate
MODELS: Naomi Marroquin + Aire Justin