Passionate Sea of Reeds


She´s surrounded by a huge field of reed. Like a desert in the distance the landscape lays to her feet, far away from the urban villages of our times. Every blade flutters in the wind.

Her red lipstick shines like a tiny diamond from the ocean. She wears a simple dress, its style is reminiscent of the Bohème. Shyly the bride blends into the beige colored formation of nature.

If you want to get married you need to draw on your own courage. With her black noble look the bride claims obviously more attention. Romantic adornments on her long sleeves lead to her tender hands. They are holding a golden wire, spelling the world “Love”.

The beautiful wreath on her head is made of a magnificent see of flowers – matching the spray of a big heart which she proudly holds into the sky.

Red stands for love, fire and passion. The bride stands in front of us, wearing a colorful dress. Her lips and veil shine redly, her hair lays softly on her shoulder.

The reed still blows, the wind got stronger. It tries to rip off her veil. She steps onto a raise, she´s full of resolution. For a moment of silence she looks into the distance. Then lets herself fall into the sea of reeds. She closes her eyes. This is where her new life begins.

Those splendid floral arrangements were created by florissst Rieke of Milles Fleurs who once again surpassed herself and impresses with her talent and creativity.

This romantic world of pictures shot by the exceptional artist Anja Schneemann ensures goosbumps and turns this shooting into an unique experience.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Anja Schneemann Photography
FLORISTIK: Rieke von Milles Fleurs
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Rebakka Masterstylistin
LOCATION: Schilflandschaft im Großraum Hannover
MODEL: Christina




    Anja Schneemann                       Milles Fleurs