Pictorial DESTINATION Wedding In Andalusia


When we think of Andalusia we see sunny beaches and the wide ocean. But Spain’s most southern region has a lot more to offer: impressive nature, fascinating culture, delicious food and an adventurous history.

Today we want to take you to Almeria to the Andalusian-Maroccan decorated Café La Loma pictorially situated on a hill above the little fishing village La Isleta del Moro.

Anna from Ambroisa Wedding is a Spanish wedding planner. With her dreamlike inspirations she takes us to this amazing region that is perfectly suitable for an unforgettable southern beach-wedding.

Anna told us: „Little mosaic tables and Maroccan lamps create an oriental ambience. From the outside terrace you have a great view onto the ocean. It is the perfect place for an unconventional bohemian wedding like our shooting.

Olive- and eucalyptus trees as well as hundreds of agaves grant this location its Mediterranean touch. The high-quality olive oil made in Almeria was the perfect present for the guests. Having all this nature in front of our doorstep offered all we needed for our table decoration. Driftwood, fresh fruits, branches.

With a little bit of lace and some dream catchers we had a simple hippie-decoration for an easygoing boho wedding including this breathtaking 270° panorama-view onto the ocean and the bay of Isleta del Moro in the blink of an eye.”

Oh how wonderful it is to dive into this world of inspirations and to dream of a wedding or a relaxing honeymoon in the southern part of Spain! This amazing dream of pictures shot by Violeta Pelivan helps turninig on our inner cinema and puts a happy smile on our face.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Violeta Pelivan
KLEID: Victoria Rüsche
RINGE: Tragkultur
BLUMEN: Floristeria Toñi
PAPETERIE: Andrea Stähr
MAKE-UP: Natalia Cabrera
LOCATION: Cafe La Loma



victoriaruesche-klein  lachia-klein

    Victoira Rüsche                          La Chia