Pink And Purple Wedding Dreams in Vienna


Warm rays of sunlight give the bride a peach-colored complexion, stroking her long hair and gliding down her flowing dress.

A sensuous whiff of pink and purple fills the air turning a greyish architecture scenery into a stage of romance. It’s a liaison of light and shadow, curved grey columns and pink and purple fabrics.

A day trip to Vienna’s historic center can be so pictorial! The upward glance becomes an ever changing play of architectonic elements clearing and blurring the nightsky’s vision. Pure tension covering the sweetness of a pastel-colored bride…

Bridal dresses by Blushfashion are like a tribute to love taking us to this beautiful daydream. Or is it photographer Daniela Porwol who takes us there with her sensual pictures?

Maybe both wouldn’t exist without the other… Light shades of lilac and ancient pink blend with sandstone and milky shades of white while tulle and lace take turns conjuring up butterflies in our tummies.

This is how the bride strides through urban romance with the wind enjoying this day’s last warm rays of sunlight – feminine, alluring and beautiful…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Daniela Porwol
KLEID: Blushfashion
PAPETERIE: 101living
CAKE: Naschwerk & Co
MAKE-UP: Lamariposa Make-up Artist