Pleasant tingling and her excitedly beating heart gently wake her up, leading her magically to the beach where whispering tension and singing anticipation give way to silence.

With her body and soul, she returns to this meaningful place to walk down memory lane and to welcome this long-desired day in a proper way.

Just like her hair and the floating dress grasses dance with the wind of the ocean, her naked feet enjoy every grain of wet sand as relaxing massage…

„I call this shoot, “Quietude”.“ photographer  Alicia Lacey  told us, who brought us these wonderful pictures from a much sought-after Belle Lumiere workshops and enthuses: „In the early morning of this bride’s wedding, she took the morning to take a stroll along her favorite beach. The one where, a year earlier, her fiance proposed and asked her to be his forever. On the very day they have been waiting for, she take a moment of quietude to reflect upon the day ahead.“

Now let us all enjoy this marvel in quietude, which event designer Lacy Geary created exclusively for the great Belle Lumiere workshop and Alicia Lacey eternalized so artfully for us with her camera.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Alicia Lacey Photography
WORKSHOP: Belle Lumiere
STYLING: Lacy Geary
HAIR + MAKE-UP: MiKel Rumsey
DRESS: Rute Moreda
MODEL: Sydney with 3 Black Bird Management