Romantically Spring Meadow


Wild clover reaches up to her knees, her face hides behind freshly picked flowers. Free like a bird the graceful bride flies across meadows to find refreshing chilling within the cold wet of the stream.

In her stunning Edwardian whitework lawn dress she strolls around, lost in thoughts and dreamy. Looking for luck, love and safety she finds the most beautiful flowers nature has to give.

Artfully arranged they find their destiny next to hand-dipped candles, linen cloths, ancient silver and plain china.

A wedding cake as juicy and blooming like the springlike meadow itself and stationery as natural like never before put the finishing touches on this picture.

It seems like Shellie from Silk & Willow and Emme from Gossamer Vintage took exclusively what mother earth had to offer to obtain this extraordinary natural result of visions.

„We arranged hand-dipped candles specifically made for the shoot and also hand-dyed loose weave cloth for use as napkins. We also used crushed berries for the ink on the calligraphy written over natural, handmade paper.” Shellie and Emme told.

With Rebecca Yale the creative team had a very talented fine art photographer on their side who captured their joint work on poetic pictures. Come with us and dive into an amazingly natural wedding world…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Rebecca Yale Photography
PLANNING + WARDROBE: Gossamer Vintage
CALLIGRAPHY: Written Word Calligraphy
FLORALS: Beaurust Flower Shop
CAKE: The Village Tea Room
RENTALS + CHAIRS: Events Unlimited
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab
MODEL: Jessica Scott