See Sessions Workshop with gold and black details


Light floods the imposing room. Every corner of this old building shines brightly and well-lit. Modern floor-to-ceiling windows flawlessly white revived this parlor.

Lovingly little rays of sunlight arouse old wood from sleep. We hear silent creaking: floor boards, chairs and tables stretch dozily towards the light.

However completely well-rested delicate materials meet adorable flowers and exquisitely black and golden accents on the table.

Excitedly slender candles flare; fill the air with tingling curiosity. What are we waiting for? What will happen? Unexpectedly they appear: gorgeous brides in stunning robes…

For the attendees of their photo-workshop „See Sessions” photographer Jessica Lorren and event stylist Jessica Sloane created a magical atmosphere and knew exactly how to put attention to this dreamlike location: „We drew our inspiration from the natural environment, using the meaning of “The Cordelle,” the name of the venue. The word “cordelle” means a twisted cord; a tassel.

Every element we used throughout the See Sessions was thoughtfully intertwined. We intentionally pulled in a warm gold-toned palette, used touches of black against the golds and moody flowers to bring interest to the white and wood elements of the historical building.” event stylist Jessica Sloane told us about this project.

Dive with us into the fascinating world of „See Sessions” and feast on the impressive pictures shot by the great photographer Jessica Lorren.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Jessica Lorren
DESIGN & STYLING: Jessica Sloane
VENUE: The Cordelle
FLORAL WHITE DRESS: Houghton NYC via The Dress Theory
GOLD DRESS: Kaufman Franco via Shop Bop
BLACK DRESS: Liz White Couture
VEIL: Urban Veils Couture
RINGS: Arrow and Anchor Antiques
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Amanda Gros
RENTALS: Southern Events
ANTIQUES / RIBBON: Silk & Willow
CHARGERS: Handmade Studio TN
CATERING: Beyond Details
VIDEOGRAPHER: Needle + Thread