Sense and sensibility


Sunlight shines through some branches of the eucalyptus tree. Underneath the branches a bride waits in a crème-colored dress. It is adorned with white blossoms and little rhinestones.

Gently and softly she floats across the floor. Her bridal bouquet is a wild ensemble of obviously plucked flowers. Yet it is the muted colors that make us smell this bunch with all our senses.

The cards that every guest follows seem to lead into a magical wonderland. They advertise with loud colors and curlicued lines.
We found a tender body painting on the bride´s shoulder; it reflects the dots of the stationery. A wave of red little dots ornaments her skin and fades before it reaches her lace dress.

It got late. But still some light shines through the branches of this magical eucalyptus forest. Like usual the smooth layer of the tree flakes off.

For the bride it´s the first step into a new cycle of life. Let the adventure begin, she´s not afraid any more.

It is told that the eucalyptus tree out defies the biggest fire. She dances and floats along a lying trunk. She whispers: “I will dare. I out dare the fire with all my love for you.”

The breathtaking world of Brittany and Mike of Brushfire Photography fascinates us and lets us dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Brushfire Photography
WORKSHOP: Weddings Defined
FLORALS: Sarah’s Garden
BRIDAL DRESS: Paolo Sebastian from Nearly Newlywed
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Jessica Fierro
LOCATION: Boyce Thompson Arboretum
MODEL: Samantha White from The Agency Arizona