Soft And Delicate Wedding Inspirations


Lost in thoughts she strolls through the forest, always pursuing her goal. Trustfully she follows the path, through trees and over rocks. She knows it will lead her into luck, she knows in the end there will be love.

She arrives with a bridal bouquet of wild flowers, a lovely arranged table welcomes her. Soft fabrics and delicate flowers came together to give her the most amazing day of her life.

Filigree jewelry, an exceptional dress, light makeup, slightly pinned up hair – every detail mirrors the bride’s unique style: plain elegance with a whiff of finesse.

Event stylist Ginny Au and photographer Michelle Boyd know how important it is to focus on the bits and bobs of a wedding.

And that’s what Michelle Boyd proofs impressively with these wonderful impressions from her one-on-one workshop with the designer.

Come with us and marvel at the fascinating result, caught on incomparable pictures shot by Michelle Boyd.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Michelle Boyd
RIBBON: Frou Frou Chic
FLOWERS: Mary McLeod of Amy Osaba Events
PAPER: : Script Merchant / Kaela Rawson