Soft And Elegant with French Chic


Engrossed in thoughts of what the upcoming day might bring the young girl strolls across her parent´s deserted estate. Her naked feet leave footprints in the sand. Her long train blurs every single one of them. Subtly her dreamlike dress made of beautiful lace and softly falling tulle makes her melt into the fountain and the stone walls of the courtyard.

Gently yet elengant she tiptoes around. She obviously enjoys the calm before the storm, her last moments of loneliness before she will be admired and celebrated as gorgeous bride tomorrow…

Shootings designed by the American stylist Joy Proctor are remarkable.

She revealed some datails of her latest work: „With this editorial we envisioned a young girl, walking through the gardens of her parents Chateau on the eve of her wedding. Her creamy gown, mimicing the nude colors of the stone in the fountain and walls around her. Thinking about the day before her, as in a dream, she lets down her hair as she wanders through the estate.”

With the great fine art photographer Sara Hasstedt on her side this shooting by Joy Proctor could not becomne less than fantastic. Lay back and enjoy the heavenly beautiful result of this collaboration that Sara Hassted prepared on impressive pictures for you.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Sara Hasstedt
PLANNER/STYLIST: Joy Proctor Design
DRESS: Paolo Sebastian
DRESS STORE: Nearly Newlywed
PAPER: Maybelle Imasa
RIBBON: Silk & Willow