Spring Blooms in Moscow


Regally big and small bulbous spires rise up to the sky, presaging the castle´s splendor from outside. Romantic oriels, classy archways and little windows tell from a bygone era where unscalable walls and massive gates guarded the beauty inside.

Not only human hands accomplished true masterpieces on this property. Even mother nature wakes up every year to bloom with new splendor. Decorating the castle yard every spring with the most beautiful colors, lushest leaves and sweetest buds.

But this year a young woman outshines the kingdom´s glance, turning from a princess into a bride. With the beauty of a queen and the naturalness of a lover she gives elegance to her possessions like a Russian czar would have done in the past…

„Our beautiful bride was like a princess in her castle.“ photographer Svetlana Strizhakova told us and revealed the source of her impressive pictures: „This photo-shoot took place in a garden with apricots and cherries of Krutitskoe Podvorye, ancient monastery in the heart of Moscow.“

Naturally beautiful and beautifully natural – the inspirations of photographer Svetlana Strizhakova captivate with authenticity and expressivity. Let´s get becharmed by her wonderful pictures…



PHOTOGRAPHER: Svetlana Strizhakova
DRESS: Sova Boutique
FLORALS: Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Inrina Yanzukievich
MODEL: Nina Angelova
FILM LAB: Home Film Lab