SWEET Peonies


The gentle smell of blooming peonies fills the air; their sight lets our eyes shine bright. Vivid, pure and in all their glory they twine themselves through the scene, being a lovely fresh backdrop.

The bride has priority here, wrapped in exclusive robes. Every single piece unique and special they all embody one style. Blithe and light, breakable and delicate, sheer and filigree they turn every woman into a Bohemian queen.

To get their future brides enthused with the Bohemian´s lighthearted sense of life the great photographers Ruth and Chris of Something Blue Photography recently organized this stunning bridal shoot.

Hey Love München provided selected Rue de Seine wedding dresses that automatically spread this style´s romantic awareness of life.

It is needless to say that this day´s result was breathtaking, isn´t it? See for yourselves how vibrant peonies, a pretty girl and three one-of-a-kind dresses turned into incomparable impressions that the talented photographers of Something Blue Photography caught on their cameras.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Something Blue Photography by Chris and Ruth
KLEIDER: Rue de Seine by Hey Love München
FLORISTIK: Goldmann Blumenkunst
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Irina Brickmann, Aylin Halman
MODEL: Tanja H. – PS Models München