The Dark Fay Of The Fairytale Forest


Blonde hair slightly curled a crown of leaves and berries on her head. Her empire lays well hidden in the thick wood, where little light shines through the branches. She is her biggest secret, well guarded by trees and foliage.

This is where she can be herself: a character full of extremes. A vulnerable grain covered in black skin. Someone who loves the dark yet wouldn´t exist without the light. Someone who´s surrounded by nature yet looking for extravagancy.

Her appearance is impressive, multifaceted and glamorous. One wants to look for her, revel in her semblance and flee with her to the dark side of the forest…

It´s simply magical what photographer Michal Orlowski captured on camera for us: a fabulous atmosphere, fascinating light, stunning nature and a gorgeous fay wearing a dreamlike black dress all together on his one-of-a-kind pictures.

Everything´s just perfect and we can´t wait visiting this mythical creature with you…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


© Michal Orlowski