The Elf From The Riverside


Her red hair blows softly in the wind, her noble paleness appears graceful and breakable. Stranded and surrounded by water she´s stuck. How did she come here?

Mysterious, inscrutable and pure she seems like an elf, stemmed from the forest. The stream led her the way, the way to her luck.

She sends her thoughts and sorrows down the water. Smooth moss and the mild drift catch her, she becomes one with the nature…

Her dreamlike Rue de Seine dress “Eve” underlines her elfish appearance, mirrors easiness and freedom of the moment. Brightly red accents skilfully interrupt minimalism and simplicity to set required contrasts among this stunning scenery.

Obviously effortlessly wedding planner Sabine Hofmann from HOCHzeiten succeeded in granting fascinating insights into the dreamy world of an elf.

The wonderful photographer Carolina Auer peeked through the keyhole for us and captured amazing pictures. Don´t you feel this exciting prickling, too?

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Carolina Auer Photography
HOCHZEITSPLANERIN: HOCHzeiten – Sabine Hofmann
KLEID: Rue de Seine von Hey Love München
VISAGISTIN: Nadine Hochwieser