The Magic of the Old World


The entrance gates open to reveal a glimpse of a seemingly forgotten world. Very slowly, the veil of fog is lifted and beneath it lies a grand manor house that has been tucked away here for centuries. St. Giles House. Guarded by lions and surrounded by nature. Stone steps invite us to approach. We leave behind the autumn landscape gleaming in golden sunlight. And we enter.

High, stuccoed ceilings allude to dizzying parties beneath the candle light of the chandelier. A golden-framed fireplace tells of groundbreaking decisions among aristocrats with the first glass of cognac. From the walls, forefathers and ancestors observe the events. Countless others are propped up below, awaiting a suitable place on the wall. Alert and scrutinising, as though they had never left.

And there are other signs of the times. Gnawing at the floral wallpaper and the historic books. Making colours fade and tapestries tear. Carrying us from the past into the future and lending authentic charm to every motif. Thanks to them, rejuvenating contrasts unfold, which would have been unthinkable in the heyday of this estate.

As though she had jumped straight out of a painting, the bride takes us back into history. She proudly presents the family jewels, wearing them on her body with reverence. When, if not today, on this significant day of glory? Two delicate straps hold her breathtaking dress of Emily Riggs Bridal  to her fragile body. Tulle and a touch of grey emphasise her lightness, despite the great expectations that rest upon her shoulders.

The big parlour has always been the site of festivities and dining, and a richly-laden table awaits us. Wealth in the form of more gold and opulent floral decorations. Graceful and colourful, as the occasion demands. We withdraw and allow the festivities to begin.

Fine Art photographer Louise of Taylor & Porter captured this synthesis of the arts created by event designer Pearl & Godiva on  impressive pictures.




PHOTOGRAPHY Taylor & Porter
STYLING Pearl & Godiva
FLORALS Laura Hingston Flowers
PLANNING Wedding Sparrow
VENUE St Giles House
GREY SKIRT Emily Riggs Bridal
GREY VEIL Emily Riggs Bridal
GREY TOP Stylists own
HAIR & MAKE-UP Bella Unique Beauty  
JEWELRY Kristin Hayes Jewelry
RENTALS Helene Millot Furnishings
RINGS Little Jems
MODELS Mary – Wilhemina Models London, Sienna – Gingersnap Models, Mitchell – BMA Models