The Secret Garden


A gate overgrown with flowers, the path is impassable. Only who´s in possession of a magical key will be allowed to enter.

A wall, metres high and firm. What secret is it trying to keep?

Whatever hides behind the wall seems forbidden, mystical, cryptical. Curiosity, desire and aspiration arise to unravel the mystery.

We step into the secret garden and find a lovingly arranged table, stunningly beautiful flower arrangements, alive colors and a bridal couple enjoying their freshly wedded bliss within the shelter of this isolated park.

„Tucked away in the city of Fort Worth is Weston Gardens, a private historic garden venue which we used to help our Secret Garden shoot come to life.” the eventdesigners from Chic Fleur Weddings & Events told about their shooting.

„The garden boasts with English stonework, an intricate iron gate, flowing fountains and an incredible rustic bridge that crosses a stream. Our Floral bouquet consisted of David Austin roses, succulents, Spray roses and a King Protea for a dramatic touch. Even our linen menus were hand painted and hand written for this shoot.”

The great photographer Marianne Sabado got one of the sought after keys and was honored to capture all the proceedings behind the adorable iron gate for us. Come with us and cast a glance through the keyhole to take a look at the impressive pictures shot by Marianne Sabado

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Marianne Sabado Fine Art Photography
STYLING: Chic Fleur Weddings & Events
FLORALS: Something Pretty Floral
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Brittany Jones
STATIONERY: Kesoma Design
NAKE CAKE: Sweet Thangs by Lo’ Michelle
CAKE TOPPER: Alexis Mattox Design
LOCATION: Weston Gardens – Ft Worth, Texas
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab