Being free, real and wild. True love allows so much. And it´s most beautifully when expressive nature, earth tones and rustic ambience give new intensity to a young couple. In a way that makes us dream about rough materials ensnaring the filigree bride in her gorgeous lace dress.

It´s a wedding ensemble with rustic chic – showcased by Fabienne and Corinna of Agentur Glückskonzepte, skillfully captured on camera by photographer Melanie Höld. Isn´t it great when love may be free and unruly?

The bridal couple escapes from the sleepy village on a nostalgic motorcycle. At full throttle they go up country until they reach a forest glade with an old wooden hut and a bonfire that becomes the setting of their intimate wedding ceremony.

Heavy billows of smoke cut artful capers in the still cloudy morning sky giving this moment a melancholic touch. Deep feelings come loose as they stand near the fire to tie the knot under the open sky. Her loose red hair underlines her strapless and form-fitting lace dress by Hey Love. Perfectly matching her: the groom. His green jacket, the wooden bow tie and his casual attitude give this arrangement wild passion.

What began with wood and candles outside continues inside with lush foliage of opulent flower arrangements by Goldmann Blumenkunst. A round wooden table embeds an antler, green dishware with golden flatware and floral artworks with succulents in a simple way.

Here you see the essential – unruly nature starting wildly and impetuously into this new day, just like this young love.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Melanie Höld
IDEE, KONZEPT UND STYLING: Agentur Glückskonzepte
FLORISTIK: Goldmann Blumenkunst
TORTE: Zuckerherz
PAPETERIE: Paper Diamond
HOCHZEITSREDNER: Johann-Jakob Wulf – Strauß und Fliege
SCHMUCK: Nanu Alwin
BEUTEL: Frisch Beutel
MOTORRAD: Nagel Motors
HOLZFLIEGE: Whitemoney
HAARE: Friseursalon Deniz